How to contact us

Site Owner/Representative enquiries

We have a dedicated helpdesk team which deals with calls, chats, emails, SMS and messages. Our team generally work 7 days from 8-6 with extended hours during holidays until 8 (exact hours can be found here).

Your calls and emails to the below channels for site representatives skip the queue system and you’ll miss out on all the options on our phone system.

We’re not always able to deal with every call due to agents dealing with during peak times or unplanned network outages. In this case, we ask you to leave a message or send an email and we aim to respond by the end of that working day.

  • Site representatives can call us on (see your welcome email for direct dial number)
  • You can also chat with us on our live chat app
  • You can email us at [email protected]

NOTE: The direct number above is for the site owner/rep issues only. For customers/guests/users issues, please use the number below.

Customers & Guests enquiries

For guests, we try and promote self-service and troubleshooting as most issues can be resolved by following our guidance on our support site. Also, guests have access to 24-hour self-service tools are available to reset vouchers, clear vouchers and connect Smart Gadgets.

  • If customers wish to email us they need to use our contact form
  • Customers & guests are not able to contact us directly via the telephone.
  • We will only be able to speak to users from a pre-existing ticket which they can raise from our app, live chat or contact form.
  • Customers are able to call and leave a message which will raise a ticket which is prioritized accordingly.
  • They can also chat with our team via our live chat app.

If customers leave us a voicemail, send us an email or response; we normally achieve a 2 working day response time.