Here you can find our most frequently asked questions for PayG or Hotspot WiFi user connections.
For further connection help and troubleshooting, try our knowledge base or alternatively, contact us directly and our support team will assist you with any further queries.

I didn't recieve / lost my voucher

Once you have completed a purchase your voucher code will be displayed on the screen and emailed to you. If you haven’t received your voucher code you can use our “lost my voucher” app.

It says the network is unsecured. Is my personal information safe?

The network is deemed unsecured because you don’t need a password to initially connect to the network (like most home networks).

Our networks include device isolation this will prevent computers from communicating on our network. So you can be happy in the fact that your personal information is safe and secure on your device.

All connection attempts are recorded to ensure that any malicious attempts are flagged and dealt with. This data is recorded on our UK based servers to ensure data integrity and that data meets the UK/EU Data protection laws

How much does it cost for the WiFi?

All pay-as-you-go WiFi hotspot prices will vary from site to site and prices will be displayed on the splash page when you first log onto the network but you can also view our standard tariff pricing on this page.

Prices are calculated by duration (day, week, month etc) and also by the number of devices you want to connect.

Our customer services team cannot take payment in advance for packages over the phone or before you visit the site.

For parks that offer WiFi directly to your accommodation which you can subscribe to annually for an installation, you can view our tariffs and register your interest here.

Unable to load webpage / slow connection

Most connection issues can be resolved by

  • Forgetting the network
  • Rebooting the device
  • Reconnecting

if this has not resolved your issue, it may be related to signal please see our guide. If this is the case please find guidance relating to boosters here.

Please bear in mind internet speed will vary depending on site. Please contact us to ensure you are getting the correct speeds.

How do I connect to the network?

To connect to the network you must first:

  1. Ensure that wireless is enabled on your device
  2. Connect to the Camping Connect (Or Business Named) Network
  3. Enter your voucher in the splash page or purchase a new voucher

Connecting to the network may vary depending on your device. Operating system specific connection methods can be found here.

Cannot purchase a voucher

Please follow the steps below to purchase a voucher code

    – Connect to the Wi-Fi Network
    – A splash page will automatically load on your device, if not please please navigate to
    – Follow the on-screen guidance to purchase your voucher.- If you wish to pay using Credit/Debit card, there will be an option at the bottom of the PayPal page named “purchase as a Guest” or “Pay using Credit/Debit card”
    – On completion of the transaction, you will be given a voucher code.

                   Please note this down

    – Select “Begin Browsing” to immediately use the voucher code on your device and access the internet

If the above points have not helped you, please take a look at our Guidance for more information.

I have made a duplicate payment or require a refund.

In the instance, you have made an incorrect payment or would like to go ahead and process a refund. You can contact us via our support form. Alternatively, you can call us on 01792 277230 following the prompts to leave us a message.

Once we have received and reviewed your request a member of the team will be in touch.

When will my code run out?

That will depend on the tariff bought. All access is measured as a duration. Voucher codes are measured in real time. Therefore for a 24 hour voucher code, if you login at 12:00pm your voucher code will expire 12:00pm the next day.

Can I Use A VPN?

Yes, our networks allow for a VPN to be set up. If you’re unable to get your VPN working, then contact your personal/corporate IT that provides the VPN access for support.