Here you can find our most frequently asked questions for In Van WiFi Subscribers
For further connection help and troubleshooting, try our In Van WiFi knowledge base or alternatively, contact us directly and our support team will assist you with any further queries.

What speeds and how much data will I get?

This will depend on which subscription package you choose and you can read more about this on our website. Also, there are no data usage restrictions.

Speeds are provided asymmetrically on a 75/25 basis – so if you purchased the 15mbps package, you will receive 15mbps download and 5 mbps upload.

What happens during the installation?

Our engineer will arrive on the scheduled day and he will require access to your accommodation. Depending upon the infrastructure on your site, the engineer will affix an antenna to the outside of your home, then hard-wire that to your personal router inside placed near your TV.If your site has underground cables already in place, your router will be connected to those instead of an external antenna.

After the installation, you will receive an email confirming when the work is complete, including your account and Wi-Fi details, then your subscription billing will start.

Can I connect my Sky Glass?

If you are using a Hotspot / Voucher network, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to reliably connect this device.

If you are using our In Van Wi-Fi network or Direct to Van service our connect guide can be found here.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the IVW comes in two parts

1) The standard installation fee is a maximum of £250*. This is a one-off charge and will be taken when we process your order.

2) The subscription cost depends on which package you choose. Prices start at £15/month and this is charged once your installation is complete.

* Some parks have no installation costs due to the site’s infrastructure and you will be informed of this when we process your order.

Do I have to pay the subscription fee when the park is closed?

No, your subscription fee is only charged for the number of months your park is open.

For example, if you chose the standard package and your park is open for 8 months within a 12 month period, then you will be charged 8 x £25 = £200.00.

You can either pay the £200 subscription fee as a one-off payment once your installation is complete, or you can pay £25/month for the 8 months your park is open.

I’ve had issues with onsite/outdoor Wi-Fi before.

You’ll now have your own dedicated connection and personal router. You have a far stronger connection as the router you are connecting to is right inside the caravan. You can stream films, play games and connect many devices with no data restrictions.

How is IVW different from the outdoor system?

Where previously you were getting your connection from a specific outdoor antenna which had to fight it’s way in through your walls, furthermore this signal was shared with everyone else on site. With IVW you have your own connection within the caravan itself and this provides several benefits:

  1. You can connect as many devices as you want.
  2. It’s the strongest connection possible so will not drop connection.
  3. Your connection is private and secure as you have your own password and Wi-Fi network so no one is sharing your signal.
  4. You can wire your devices to the router so if you have a games console or TV you can connect these with a network cable.