Aeron Coast Wi-Fi service FAQ

We are pleased to be supporting Aeron Coast in the implementation of a WiFi infrastructure across the park. The frequently asked questions have been prepared to help you decide whether to set up In-Van Wifi. Further questions can either be directed to:

Aeron Cost In – Van Wi-Fi Frequently Asked Questions

You can view an online version of these FAQ’s and more at

What costs will I incur for the In-Van set up?
There is just a single, one-time installation fee of £250 inc VAT. There is no ongoing subscription cost to pay for the service. These costs are being met by Aeron Coast.

Orders are placed directly with Camping Connect who will bill you directly. For further information on the order process, please go to the bottom of this FAQ.

I’ve had issues with onsite/outdoor Wi-Fi before. How reliable will this be?

You will now have your own dedicated connection and personal router inside your caravan. You can stream films, play games and connect many devices with no data restrictions. We have designed the WiFi infrastructure with the objective of providing speeds of ~25 Mbps per caravan (speeds are provided asymmetrically on a 75:25 basis, so around 18 Mbps download and 7 Mbps upload). Like our home internet, no service is ever 100% guaranteed due to factors outside our control. For example, you might experience minor buffering at peak times or some temporary issues in the event of adverse weather.

How is In – Van WiFi different from the Outdoor WiFi system available to touring and seasonal pitches?

Touring and seasonal guests to Aeron Coast will be able to access WiFi from additional antenna located around the perimeter of the site. However, as they will not have an individual antenna fixed to their van roofs, nor a personal router, they are dependent upon their mobiles, tablets etc having sufficient line of sight to the perimeter antenna for an adequate WiFi signal. With In – Van Wifi you have your own connection within the caravan itself and this provides several benefits:

  1. You can connect as many devices as you want.
  2. It’s the strongest connection possible so limits the risk of dropped connections.
  3. Your connection is private and secure. You have your own password and Wi-Fi network and no one is sharing your signal.
  4. You can wire your devices to the router so, if you have a games console or TV, you can connect these with a network cable.

Is the system secure?

Yes. You will have your own network and unique WPA2 password security. This is the tightest security available.

What can I do if I wish to restrict my family members’ from being able to access certain websites?

We have agreed with Aeron Coast on the blocking of certain websites which are considered to be inappropriate as per guidance from the Internet Watch Foundation You can always add your own software filtering to further restrict access for your family.

How long is the contract for?

There is no contract, however you will need to sign terms and conditions with Camping Connect which are valid for the length of time you use the service.

Can I sell the equipment when I sell my caravan?

The equipment is yours. Much like your TV, if you were to sell your caravan, you can either leave it for the next owner or reflect it as part of the sale price or take it with you.

What happens when customers upgrade their caravan or move to a different plot/location on the park?

1 – If a customer changes or upgrades to a different caravan, the equipment on the old van would need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled on the new van.

2 – If a customer moves the pitch of their existing caravan, the equipment would simply remain on the caravan but may require realignment.

The standard fees for Camping Connect’s engineer to relocate equipment and re-validate can be found in their terms and conditions, specifically section 9.3. Alternatively, you may use a local aerial fitter or electrician to do this work for you. This will not be guaranteed by Camping Connect.

What happens if the equipment breaks?

Equipment is covered under a 3-year “return to base” manufacturer warranty meaning if Camping Connect determine through remote support, it has a fault it will need to be returned to their offices at your cost (including costs of disconnecting it from your caravan and postage costs). Camping Connect will then get a replacement from the supplier once they validate the warranty claim. Camping Connect would then re-fit this for you on a scheduled visit to the park, or if agreed you could use an approved local aerial fitter or electrician. If the equipment is outside of warranty or the fault is not covered by warranty you would need to pay for replacement equipment.

What happens if the Wi-Fi is offline or is not working?

Camping Connect do not warrant or guarantee that the In – Van service will be compatible with your equipment, any software that you may use or your communications network. These are questions you can explore with us as you decide whether to progress with an in-van service. Like your home service, Camping Connect cannot ultimately guarantee the performance of the internet or that you will be able to use the internet. We will work with the park and our providers on a best efforts basis to ensure the service is fault free. You will not be entitled to any compensation if the service is offline.

I already have my own Wi-Fi equipment such as booster; can I use this?

No, the direct to caravan Wi-Fi system requires specific equipment to provide this service – you cannot use an existing Wi-Fi booster. Remedial work, for example replacement equipment, re-siting of caravans etc, may be conducted by aerial fitters or engineers of your choosing, however this work will not be guaranteed by Camping Connect.

Can I just buy the equipment and fit it myself?

No, the equipment needs to be purchased, configured and fitted by one of Camping Connects experienced engineers to ensure that the equipment is installed correctly and is working properly.

How long will it take for the installation to be done after I order?

We will look to complete installations as soon as possible after an order is received and will aim to schedule once we have a minimum batch of 5 caravans at a time, which equates to a days’ work.

How will I know when you are coming to carry out the installation?

One of our Camping Connect support team will contact you about a week before the planned installation to agree the installation date and time, and access.

How long does it take for the engineer to install the equipment?

On average, installations take about an hour and a half.

Do I have to be at my caravan for the installation?

No, if you can leave a spare key onsite for Camping Connect’s engineer to access your van, then the engineer can carry out the installation without you having to be there.

What happens during the installation?

Camping Connect’s engineer will arrive on the scheduled day and he will require access to your caravan. The engineer will fix an antenna to the outside of your van, then hard-wire that to your personal router, located near your TV. After the installation, you will receive an email confirming the work is complete, and including your account and Wi-Fi details.

Who can I contact if I have any questions or queries after the installation?

You can contact Camping Connect’s team either by phone, chat or email and you will be given our contact details once your installation is complete.

How can I order?

Please register your interest with Camping Connect by emailing [email protected]