Connecting smart TV or games consoles

On some of our hotspot WiFi which uses voucher codes, some devices have difficulty displaying the login page to enter the voucher to connect.

How to connect your device

To add your device:

  1. Go to our self-service Apps > ‘Whitelist Device’ page.
  2. Add your voucher code.
  3. Add your MAC code (see info below if you’re unsure on what a MAC address is)
  4. Submit the form and our system should add your device onto the network and it will then connect and come online within 30 mins.

What you need to connect a console or smart TV

To allow these devices to connect you need the following:

  1. A valid voucher code
  2. An available free device slot on the voucher
  3. The MAC address of the device you want to connect.

What is a MAC Address?

MAC stands for Media Access Control. A MAC address is a device’s unique identification code and consists of six two-digit hexadecimal numbers, separated by a colon, and can normally be found in your device settings.

For example, 00:12:34:56:AB:CD

Please refer to “Finding your MAC address” to see instructions on how to locate this on several well-known devices such as Apple, Samsung, and Windows.