How park operators can contact us

Site Operator – Quick reference WiFi support

Methods for a site operator or representative to get support:
  1. Direct email for park operators only [email protected]
  2. Site representatives can only call us on your direct dial number. Please email us to request this number.
  3. Live chat
  4. Website for site operators and self-service

Are you reporting an issue with your network, broadband or WiFi?

The most effective way to deal with the issue will be to call our operators directly. If all our operators are busy, leave a message, and we’ll return your call as a priority.

Want to make changes to your network?

The most effective way is to please send an email to ensure that we have all details recorded on what you would like to make. We can call you back to discuss further.

Do you have finance enquiries?

The best way to initiate any finance queries is to email any questions to our team at [email protected].

What happens when leaving a voicemail.

If we can’t take the call, please leave us a message and someone will call you back the same working day. You can find our company operating hours on the support website or Google.

How to contact us on behalf of a guest or customer.

Contacting us on behalf of an end-user will not speed up our response time as we would just add this query to our ticket system.

  • To investigate and resolve guests’ WiFi issues, we require the guest’s name, mobile, email address, voucher code, issue reported and pitch number. This will enable us to deal with the query quickly and resolve the matter as soon as possible.
  • Operators/Parks can email this information to us or call us directly or advise the guest on the guest contact methods above and set expectations for response times.

For Site Operators, we have a PDF print-out you can refer to in the office for any wifi issues, You can access the PDF here.

Guest WiFi Support – Quick Reference Guide

Methods for a guest or user to get support:
  1. Raise a ticket online using the support website
  2. Call our switchboard 01792 277230
    1. We will take down details relating to the user’s issue and contact details – We may perform quick fixes over the phone, but issues which require investigation will be put in the queue for a callback.
    2. If operators are busy, there is an option to leave a voice message – We’ll pick up messages as part of our ticket queue and prioritise responses accordingly.
  3. Chat with us
  4. Send a text message containing “WIFIHELP” to 07520632230

What are the expectations for guests?

  • Most fixable issues or standard queries will be resolved within one day. – Our general policy for responding and resolving issues is three working days.
  • For refunds, duplicate payments, payment queries etc.
  • it’s best for guests to email us after the holiday, or leave a message for us whilst on holiday, and we’ll check details and process the refund at during off-peak times.
  • As a rule of thumb, if guests are having technical issues getting connected for the first time and are not using the premium direct to van services, then it’s technically not feasible to solve the problems and get them connected. This is due to factors relating to radio signals and interference beyond our control.

How are queries/issues prioritised?

  • All requests are prioritised through one list. We support everyone independent of how the customer got in touch with us.
  • Simple requests such as voucher related issues are typically resolved on the spot.
  • Park operators are prioritised before moving onto any user issues.

Guest self-service tools on our support website:

  • All guests have access to our support website and support applications. The website has answers for all of our most frequently asked questions (FAQ’s), so we advise customers to browse through this site as many of the FAQ’s have answers which can resolve their issue without the need to contact us directly.
  • A guest doesn’t need to have purchased a voucher code to utilise our support website.
  • Tools available are to clear vouchers for maximum devices, helping to find lost voucher codes or a means to add smart devices such as TV’s or games consoles available 24 hours a day