Limitations of “hotspot” public WiFi

Limitations of Hotspot Wi-Fi

WiFi Hotspot is a type of WiFi service which is broadcast through the air and to your device. Most of the time the signal is sent from an “access point” which may be attached to a building nearby or equipment mounted on a street furniture such as a streetlamp – these access points are distributed throughout the site and provide the coverage which allows devices to pickup a signal and connect.

When using a hotspot WiFi, it is essential to understand that we make every effort to install WiFi equipment throughout a site to provide a good service inside vans, however we can only usually warrant the service outside in typical cases.

We cannot guarantee that all devices will receive a good signal due to external factors beyond our control.

Even with the latest WiFi distribution equipment, there is always a possibility that something may reduce the signal received on a dev ice or situations may arise which may not meet your expectations of speed or performance. The main external factors involved with this is:

  • Physical obstructions (including other caravans and the caravan in which you occupy)
  • Type of devices and capability being used.
  • Radio interference.

We strive to use advanced equipment and technologies on our sites to improve coverage and signal strength. However, we cannot guarantee speed and performance inside all caravans due to various obstructions, including your own caravan and other nearby caravans. Additionally, factors like adverse weather and radio interference can temporarily affect performance, and these are beyond our control.

If you’re facing performance-related issues inside your caravan, first we suggest you compare your device to another under the same network conditions. Some devices have less efficient Wi-Fi antennas which can decrease signal and performance.  We also suggest you consult with us to see if using a WiFi booster could be of help.

In most cases, if the outdoor WiFi network on the customer site is functional and equipped with recent technology, the booster device will significantly reduce performance-related problems and ensure that you can consistently achieve the advertised speeds with high reliability and signal strength to all devices in all rooms.

You can visit our booster page to learn more about boosters and where to purchase them – we advise you to speak with our team before purchasing the booster, so contact us using our contact form, and we’ll arrange to speak with you.

When experiencing a signal issue, the device will always need to be considered to determine how it is receiving the signal. Not all devices have the same level of equipment installed, meaning some may have less efficient Wi-Fi Antennas. The impact of this is decreased signal, performance and efficiency. When trying to identify a device signal issue, it is always best to compare to an alternate device subject to the same network conditions.

Solutions for Limitations of Public Wi-Fi

If you are experiencing poor Wi-Fi service due to the above criteria, there are solutions that can minimize the impact of your issue. Please see the recommendations below:

WiFi Booster –  This device connects to the outdoor signal and amplifies the Wi-Fi signal inside your van.  This will greatly reduce the effect of physical factors while increasing signal in the van and therefor oerformance. Further guidance around boosters can be found here.

In Van WiFi or Direct To Van – If you’re planning a holiday at a park, we offer our Direct To Van or In Van WiFi service, which can be installed at most holiday parks. To find out if the service is available at your park, you can either check with us or your park operator. Our main website has more information about In Van WiFi, but please note that until your park is enabled, we cannot provide services to individual caravans. You can watch a video on how In Van WiFi works by following this link.