Limitations of “hotspot” public WiFi

Limitations of Public Wi-Fi

When using a Public Wi-Fi Network it is important to understand the limitations which can be associated with Wireless technology. As most people are aware the main concerning factor is your signal. However, there are a multitude of things which can impact your signal and decrease its efficiency.

Below provides some guidance and further understanding on how a Public Wi-Fi Service may be adversely affected:

Physical Obstructions

Wireless signals can have trouble penetrating solid objects which can be any numbers of things such as hills, buildings, single walls or even people. The more obstructions you have between the transmitter and receiver, the more chance there is that the signal strength will be affected so you should try and maintain as clearer line of site as possible

Network Range & Distance Between Devices

The further apart the networked devices that are trying to communicate with each other are, the more the signal strength drops. This is due to way that wireless signals propagate covering a wider area as they travel further and because of this, as the signal spreads more, the weaker it becomes

Wireless Network Interference

Wireless Networking is becoming more and more common and therefore more wireless transmissions are being sent through the air. Signals operating at similar frequencies can cause interference with each other and have a significantly negative effect on the performance of the network. This means that more popularly used frequency bands such as the 2.4GHz unlicensed band can get severely affected by the overcrowding of wireless signals to a point where a device will not operate at an acceptable level

Signal Sharing

Wireless Networks allow more than 1 person to communicate with another network source at any one time. This sharing of connection means that the more subscribers utilizing the network, the more devices the access point has to try and communicate with instantaneously.


When experiencing a signal issue, the device will always need to be considered to determine how it is receiving the signal. Not all devices have the same level of equipment installed which means that some may have less efficient Wi-Fi Antennas. The impact of this is decreased signal, performance and efficiency. When trying to identify a device signal issue it always best to compare to an alternate device subject to the same network conditions.

Further information advising how we process any issues relating to the above can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

Solutions for Limitations of Public Wi-Fi

If you are experiencing a poor Wi-Fi Service related to the above criteria there are solutions which can be put in place to minimize the impact of your issue. Please see the below recommendations:

WiFi Booster Р This device extends & amplifies Wi-Fi signal. This will limit the effect of physical and environmental factors while Increasing Signal & Performance. Further guidance around boosters can be found here

P2P Link (Wi-Fi Bridge) – This device will give you a dedicated connection to the Internet providing increased stability, performance, and speed. Contact us for further information