Refunds & credits

Refunds & credits

If you have made a duplicate payment then you can apply for a refund on our contact form.

If you are having a technical issue with your voucher and you’re unable to use it for some reason, you will be taken through troubleshooting with a member of the team to determine if the issue can be resolved. If the issue cannot be resolved and a refund is required we will investigate the issue using the below criteria:

DATA USED: – If the voucher has high usage this can affect the refund amount. 

SIGNAL – Your WIFI Signal and whether this is affecting your service

NETWORK STATUS: – Is the network subject to any current issues?

ISSUE – What is the problem? Can we resolve this over the phone? 

If we agree with the refund claim then Camping Connect will process the refund dependant on the Park Payment system. Both are illustrated below

  • Customers purchases WIFI
  • Payment received in Camping Connect Payment system
  • Refund Requested received and processed
  • Camping Connect process refund directly

Camping Connect refunds are processed within 7-10 days

  • Customer Purchases WIFI
  • Payments received at PARK Payment system
  • Refund request received, validated and forwarded to PARK for processing –
  • Park refunds payment from PARK Payment system to customer

Timescales for the site are dependant on individual sites processing times and for further information please see our terms and conditions and refund policy here.


In the instance, you have purchased your voucher over the counter. We will communicate with the park to confirm your refund. Once confirmed you will return to reception to receive your refund.

If you have any further queries regarding the way in which refunds are validated and processed please contact us at