Wi-Fi Boosters

When considering a WIFI booster it is important to understand that not all boosters provide the same level of service. Examples of the different types of boosters are outlined below indicating their differences and how that may affect your connectivity.

External antenna with Booster

List of available Solwise boosters


The above example shows an external aerial which feeds directly into the Caravan. The advantage of this being the antenna is external. This can help to improve the signal and overall stability of your Wi-Fi connection.

Key Points:

  • External antenna
  • Increased Signal
  • Reduced impact from physical limitations
  • Ability to hardwire directly into the internal router

If you are looking for further information relating to how the booster is installed and most efficient placement please see our guide here

Plug-In Wi-Fi Booster –

The above example shows an alternate type of booster which is not advisable due to the fact it does not have an external antenna. For example, if you are having issues with Signal due to physical limitations you may find that a Plug-In Wi-Fi adapter doesn’t have the desired effect due to it being still subject to physical limitations e.g. Walls

Key Points: 

  • No External Antenna
  • Not impactful in a situation where physical limitations are the cause e.g. Walls

We would always recommend using a Booster with an external aerial to provide yourself with the best possible connection