Check your emails, post Facebook updates, search and browse the web throughout your stay at Polmanter.

How to connect to WiFi

  1. Connect your device to the Polmanter Touring Park WiFi network. For help connecting your specific device visit our connection guides page.
  2. When connected you should see the WiFi splash page which displays your options to connect.
  3. There are various options to connect from Free Access to Premium access – to view the details on what each package see our “WiFi Tariff Options” on this page.
  4. If you want to add consoles, smart TV’s or other smart devices such as Amazon Echo, etc we have some handy guides for connecting most devices which you access via our website here.

Get online free

Enjoy free Wi-Fi for your stay at Polmanter. Simply enter your name and email ‘Free Access’ section and get connected with a quota limit of 250 MB data of use per day per device.

Please note: This service is not for streaming services such as iPlayer / Amazon Prime. If you do access data-hungry content such as video, you will reach the 250 MB data cap very quickly.

Paid WiFi access for individuals and families

Lose the data limit, and enjoy a larger data package by upgrading to our basic WiFi access.

You can access up to 500 MB of data per day, which should enable you to enjoy basic browsing such as checking emails, researching local activities, and checking in on Facebook. As with our free access, if you do access video streaming and other data-heavy content, you will reach your data cap, and find your access slows for 12 hours. You can check your remaining data at any time, through the portal at

Select a package from our WiFi page and pay by credit card, debit card via PayPal or use your PayPal account.

Upgrade to ‘Unlimited-Use’ Wi-Fi

If you want an all-you-can-eat Wi-Fi experience with the ability to download larger files and stream more music or video without the worry of running out of data, use to our Unlimited Wi-Fi service which comes with unlimited data use.

Free and paid WiFi services have been subsidised by Polmanter Touring Park, to offer good value compared with other sites / cost of mobile data.

If you purchase a package and are unhappy with the service provided, please contact us as soon as possible, so that we can assist you.

WiFi tariff options explained

Free, Basic & Unlimited Access

Free Access
Time: 250 Mb of use per device per day
Speeds: Suitable for general use, apps etc.
Restrictions: Streaming sites such as Netflix are blocked

Basic Access
Time: Unrestricted, you can stay logged in for the duration you purchase (i.e. 3 days)
Speed: Suitable for browsing, some lower quality videos, may buffer
Data: 500 MB download or upload per day – once used up your speed will be throttled to 250 Kbps bandwidth for the rest of the day.

Unlimited Access
Time: Unrestricted, you can stay logged in for the duration you purchase (i.e. 3 days)
Speed: Moderate speed (capped per device) aiming to support standard-definition video and audio
Data: Unlimited use, all you can eat data.


Basic Individual 1 Day£2
Basic Individual 3 Days£4
Basic Individual 7 Days£7
Basic Family 1 Day£5
Basic Family 3 Day£10
Basic Family 7 Day£17.50
Unlimited Individual 1 Day£3.50
Unlimited Individual 3 Days£7
Unlimited Individual 7 Days£12
Unlimited Family 1 Day£8.50
Unlimited Family 3 Days£17
Unlimited Family 7 Days£30

Individual and Family packs

Individual Packages
You can only use 1 device at a time and you can register up to 3 devices in total, logging in/out of each to use.

Family Packages
You can use up to 3 devices at the same time and you can register up to 6 devices.

You can logout from any active devices by going to and clicking “Logout” on your portal.

Troubleshooting your connections

If you’re having trouble connecting to the network view our connection guides page for help on connecting your specific device.

You can goto any time to get back to the portal on your device.

Managing your devices

Use this option if you wish to add access for a different device or a headless device such as a printer or game console. Enter the device’s hardware identifier (MAC address) in the Manage Devices section of your portal.

Information on finding your MAC address can be found on our support site or via your Polmanter WiFi portal.

Getting support & help

If you wish to speak with someone you have some options, either send us a message, chat with us online or give us a call on our support desk.

Note our opening hours can be found on our main website.