Site WiFi commission payments

WiFi commission payments

Payments are made dependent on your agreement set in place when you took out Camping Connect services. If you are unsure of your current agreement please contact us.

When are payments made?

Statements are issued during November annually.

Statements are sent prior to payments being processed. If you have any queries related to your payment or how the payment is broken down, please let us know so we can review and amend accordingly.

Payments are made after an invoice is received from you.

We will be unable to make a payment if we have not received the correct bank details prior to this date. This may result in your payment being withheld until the following year. To ensure efficient processing please send all bank details and VAT numbers with every invoice to [email protected]

Profit share parks statements are sent in November and payments are made once you have received your statement and issue us an invoice reflecting the statement. Please find examples below of the correct method of invoicing


VAT considerations

Payments are subject to VAT if you are VAT Registered. However, if you are not VAT registered these are VAT exclusive.

If you have any queries related to the above information or would like to query your yearly statement please sent us a message at [email protected].