Site operators In-Van WiFi FAQ

How do site operators and staff order a Wi-Fi fitting for a caravan?

For site operators who provide managed Wi-Fi to all rental or new caravans (i.e. manage their own installations and subscribers), we would liaise directly with the park and schedule the installations for agreed dates and pitch numbers. Please contact us to discuss any installations you would like to have done.

How do private customers order Wi-Fi for their caravan?

For direct or private customers we would normally request an order be placed via the online form on our main website.  Camping Connect would then schedule the job directly with the customer and the park made aware if required.

At what point can the equipment be installed on the caravan?

The two pieces of equipment that are required to be installed for the service to work are:

1 – The Router. This is placed inside the caravan and is what the customer will connect their devices too.

2 – The Point to Point Link. This is placed on the outside of the caravan and pointed back to the main office to provide the internet connection.

Both pieces of equipment are connected via cabling that is installed on the van from the outside, through to the inside location of the router.

The installation will be done after we have arranged a date and time to come to the site to install it. In most cases, equipment will need to be installed once the van is sited on its pitch location. For any installations that are required before the van is sited, agreement and scheduling will need to be confirmed with Camping Connect.

For operators that sell caravans directly to customers, how do Camping Connect know when the caravan is sited and who is their point of contact regarding this?

Our initial point of contact would be with the customer, although the caravan is sold, the customer will need to decide if they want the internet connection installed. They can then place the order via the online form on our main website to complete. 

If a site operator buys back a caravan from a customer, how would we know if it already had a box installed? 

We can confirm via our records as every installation is documented. Every van is documented with its individual location/pitch number/identifier as required. You can also tell by sight as there would be a point to point radio located on the outside of the van and a router on the inside.

If the site buys back a caravan from a customer who owns the Wi-Fi equipment installed on it, what happens to the equipment?

Once the customer has paid the necessary fees the equipment belongs to them. They are free to remove this at any time and take it with them. If the customer leaves and does not take, or does not wish to keep the equipment after 28 days we will retain ownership as per our terms and conditions. The equipment can be left in place and should a new owner wish to take on the service they will have the equipment already installed. They can contact us to get the service activated and we can arrange a convenient time to suit them. The activation of service will be subject to an activation charge, which will be confirmed at the time and communicated with the customer.

What happens when customers upgrade their holiday home or move to a different plot/location?

1 – If a customer changes or upgrades to a different holiday home, the equipment on the old home would need to be uninstalled and then reinstalled on the new home.

2 – If a customer moves the pitch of their existing holiday home, the equipment would simply remain on the holiday home but may require realignment.

In both cases, consideration needs to be given to where the new pitch will be located. It is prudent that the site checks with Camping Connect customer services to allow us to validate that the new pitch the customer is moving to is enabled for high-speed coverage.

The standard fees for our engineers can be found in our terms and conditions located here, specifically section 8.4.

Can we self install the equipment?

There is no way to self install the equipment as there is equipment that needs to be accurately aligned to achieve expected speeds. An experienced engineer will perform this on-site, and after installation ensure that the signal levels inside the accommodation are suitable for the speeds we are providing the customer.

What is the timeframe for installations?

We usually complete the installation between 1-3 weeks from the order form being signed. You can find out more about the timeframes here

What are the terms and conditions for users?

You can find the terms and conditions for users on our support website here

What happens if something stops working on my site?

Depending on your contract, we charge a fixed annual fee for maintaining the network, any 1st and remote 2nd line troubleshooting for the core network, and supporting end users. Additional troubleshooting outside of our fair usage policy or any on-site visits would be billable subject to your individual contract or SLA and if an on-site visit is required, it will be subject to our call-out charges.

What happens if something stops working for one of our guests using your service?

If equipment on the end-users side has stopped working, they can follow the initial troubleshooting steps found on our support website here.

Users can then report the issue to the Camping Connect support team for us to perform internal checks and ensure all the checks performed on the end-user side have been completed.

If the issue has not been resolved, we would need to perform an on-site visit which would be billable to the customer under the terms and conditions. If the equipment is under warranty there will not be any charge for any replacement equipment required to resolve the issue as per our terms and conditions.

What happens if a customer is having issues with the speeds they are receiving?

If a customer is experiencing issues, they can get directly in contact with us and we can investigate what the issue may be. Due to the nature of this service, we are more able to resolve any issues customers may be having as there are less external factors to consider compared to a typical broadcast service.

When will my park be eligible for In Van Wi-Fi?

There are two main factors that affect eligibility, potential broadband speeds and initial interest for the service. Having high-speed broadband available on the site will ensure that we can provide a good service to the customers and the amount of customers who are initially interested in the service helps cover the costs required for the infrastructure to provide the service. To get started on gathering interest, please send us a message on [email protected] or call us on 01792 277230, and we can provide you with marketing information to start registering interest on the service.

Do customers need this new service when there is the existing park Wi-Fi service and what differentiates this service from the current Wi-Fi on poles around the park?

Over the years, demands for Wi-Fi have increased rapidly alongside the usage, improvement, and quality of streaming programs.  Nowadays people’s expectations when they see Wi-Fi is available on the site, is that the Wi-Fi should be suitable for streaming. With the usual “through the window Wi-Fi” service, it gets progressively more difficult to provide the expected service as the signal degrades exponentially when passing through the walls of caravans and cottages. This service guarantees to the customer that we can provide an expected level of service directly inside the customer’s accommodation, and allows a service more expected of a typical broadband service you see at your own homes.